Have You Recognized The Shift?

A major shift has taken place in our everyday lives in the way we communicate, do business, associate, and connect.   Everything around us is in pepetual change and to be successful in life, we must change along with it.

As you go about your day to day task, have you really noiced just how almost everyone is either on a tablet or a cell phone? Doing everything from talking to family and friends, handling business plans, paying bills, taking pictures and videos and more. The point is, they are no longer in front of their desktop computers. And this is in all age groups.

A major change that has evolved with the times in how businesses connect with their customers and adveretise their products. And more and more people are following the same pattern. Organizations, clubs, churches, political groups, everyone is moving to a new way to connect with their people. Read on and you will discover 3 important things:

1st- You as a customer could find some of the best savings locally from your local businesses.
2nd- You as a business owner could explode your customer base virally.
3rd- You as an Independent Business owner, could lock yourself into an opportunity that could put 100's of dollars in           your pockets daily, but you must listen discover and understand what is occurring now, right before your eyes.

The advertising industry is one of the largest industries worldwide
Every facet of industry and life in general are touched and affected through advertising. Those who understand and manipulate advertising have made vast fortunes and helped to change, manipulate, and grow businesses globally. 

Advertising used correctlly can and will connect business owners, clubs, organizations, churches and other entities with their present customers and members, help retain their present customers and members, expand their reach to new customers and members, and grow their future customerand member base exponetially.
The advertising industry has a history that is as rich and old as many of you who are reading this message right now. 

But the format of the advertising industry changed when Ecommerce was birthed

Now the industry found a new and easier way to reach all their customers and members. 
A new and a better way, and they could now reach their customers and members in the comfort their homes
Over the past 8 years E-commerce has been changing subliminally in the minds and habits of consumers worldwide..
Where millions of people once shopped or connected from home right on their personal computers, a technological paridigm has caused a major shift in their shopping habits.
And although shopping from home is still occuring, technological advances have caused a major shift and expanded the ways consumers handle all their affairs, including shopping.
Ecommerce which is a multi billion dollar industry is changing because of it's gradual merger with the  new and fast growing mobile industry and this has empowered the shift as to how consumers shop, connect , receive information and do anything online.

 Because of this merger another multi billion dollar industry has emmerged         and is moving at such a pace that it will soon eclipse the 2 former giants.
Welcome to the Mobile Marketing Industry and all it's possibilities.
Now consumers like you and I can be reached wherever we are. 
Driving down the street, on the beach, in the park, by the pool, on vacation, on the job, anywhere and everywhere we are.

And when customers, business owners, groups, organizations, churches, clubs and more embrace the power and potential of this new advertising platform, they will also be exactly where their customers and members are. Not tomorrow, not the next hour, but in the present moment, exactly where their members and customers are.                                                                                                                                                            Imagine the Power, See the Possibility, Embrace the Potential. 

 Welcome to UBiz and BizBizmobi    


We are Mobile, We are Global, We are Viral, and We are in the Palms of Everyone's Hands.

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